Solórzano Linaldi

Life sciences

Our Life Sciences practice includes services with a health regulatory vision complemented with intellectual property, foreign trade, and transactional corporate law, for the establishment and operation of the business; obtaining health authorizations for the advertising and commercialization of synthetic and biotechnological / biosimilar drugs; authorizations of health research protocols; authorizations for the production, import, commercialization and export of raw materials; pharmacological cannabis derivatives; cannabis medicines and products containing cannabis derivatives; the protection of clinical data; compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs) of establishments dedicated to the manufacture of drugs; medical devices; food products; alcoholic beverages and raw materials; pharmacological cannabis derivatives; cannabis drugs and products containing cannabis derivatives.

In litigation matters, our specialists provide advice and legal follow-up on any verification visit or administrative procedure initiated by the health authority; preparation and presentation of appeals or administrative litigations aimed at challenging any resolution issued by the health authority that affects the rights of our clients; litigations related to patents of chemical synthesis and biotechnological / biosimilar drugs; litigations related to the linkage system and the protection of clinical data; regulatory compliance applicable to the import, export, development, and release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs); purchase and sale of assets; and preparation and presentation of complaints against any act that violates health regulation.