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New Mexican Federal Government Code of Ethics

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New Mexican Federal Government Code of Ethics

A new Code of Ethics for the Mexican Federal Government (the “Code of Ethics”) was published today in the Federal Official Gazette (the “Gazette”), which applies to all federal government officers, including union workers.

The Code of Ethics enters into force today and substitutes the code of ethics published in the Gazette on February 5, 2019 (and any other regulation or provision contradicting the Code of Ethics) as well as the Rules of Integrity to Serve as Public Servant published in the Gazette on August 20, 2015.

  • The Code of Ethics contains provisions aimed at preventing and properly eliminating corruption, as well as provisions regulating, among others, the following:
  • Preventing workplace and sexual harassment;
  • Respecting human rights;
  • Preventing discrimination for any reason;
  • Avoiding receiving private benefits for the government officer or for third parties, in connection with companies which were assigned a government contract;
  • Avoiding disclosing privileged information to which the government officer has or has had access to;
  • Avoiding unduly benefiting third parties, affecting the Mexican citizens thereby;
  • Avoiding promoting or intervening in the selection, appointment or awarding of a government job to any relative;
  • Avoiding taking decisions in public procurement procedures, with the aim of seeking its own benefit, affecting the country thereby;
  • Avoiding establishing conditions aimed at benefiting third parties participating in public bids;
  • Avoiding gathering with participants in public bids, government suppliers, government contractors and government licensees, in private events;
  • Avoiding classifying information as confidential or reserved without meeting the requirements for that;
  • Avoiding unduly processing personal data;
  • Rejecting any kind of gifts, payments, benefits, services or the like, aimed at benefiting the government officer or its relatives.

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